Shark Feedings

shark feedings  

Aquarium Shark Feedings

shark feedings

During the four tours we offer per day we feed our nurse sharks, sandbar sharks, and bonnethead sharks.  While the guides feed, they offer interesting facts about the sharks and dispel a few myths regarding this misunderstood creature.  After the feeding of the nurse sharks, our guides offer the chance to meet a juvenile nurse shark face to face with the opportunity to touch it on the tail.  Have you ever wondered what shark skin feels like?  Come visit us and join one of our tours to learn about shark feeding.

Shark Interactive Feedings

*20 minute duration
11:00am | 1:00pm | 3:00pm | 4:30pm

Guests will have the opportunity to get up and close to one of man’s most feared apex predator- the shark. Guides will explain the importance of sharks to our waters while allowing guests to feed and touch a live shark!

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Please contact us for additional information regarding shark tours for the Key West Aquarium.