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Key West Aquarium CASTmembers are presented with HTA E.S.P. Award

Historic Tours of America (HTA) is proud to present its Entertainment, Service and People (E.S.P.) Award to the CASTmembers of the Key West Aquarium.

Key West Aquarium CASTmembers recieves HTA ESP Award

The HTA E.S.P. Award is normally presented to an individual who has gone beyond their normal call of duty in their given field of endeavor. However, in the case of the Key West Aquarium, the whole CAST stepped up offering their time and talent to accomplish a complete makeover of the oldest attraction in Key West.

General Manager Greg Gerwin and his assistant Genya Yerkes have pulled it off with the help of the entire Aquarium CAST. They set a goal to upgrade the entire building using the talents of their own crew. CASTmembers were needed to stand in for those who had carpentry skills while they were building decks and exhibits. Everyone had to pull extra duties, perform skills outside their job descriptions and cover for each other. Throughout this major undertaking, the show never lost a beat. All of us at HTA headquarters are in awe of the transformation of this attraction. Greg used his artistic skills in repairing and repainting the huge fish mounts on exhibit, such as the great white shark, the hammerhead shark, the huge goliath grouper, and the monstrous manta ray. Robert Murphy, who was a contractor in a previous life, oversaw the planning and construction of the decks and new exhibits, like Stingray Bay and the tank where guests can touch and feed cow nose rays and southern stingray pups.
Key West Aquarium CASTmembers

Through their determination, expertise and dedication to our guests, the CAST of the Key West Aquarium has proved deserving of our company’s highest recognition and is therefore awarded the HTA E.S.P. award along with a check for $500 dollars which was divided up amongst the CASTmembers.