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Creature of the Deep Sea

Similar to the Black Devil, the Fangtooth resembles what a monster you might see in a horror movie, stays in the deep waters, and reaches a maximum of 6 inches in length.

When comparing the size of teeth to the proportion of the body, the fangtooth has the largest teeth of any fish in the world.

Fangtooth has a short body with a large head and mouth. The head has several mucous cavities that are separated by serrated ridges. Over the cavities is a layer of thin skin. The body of the fish varies a black to brown color, and it is covered with prickly scales. The eyes are set high on the head to compensate for poor vision.

What happens to the large teeth when the fangtooth closes its mouth? There are pockets on the roof of the mouth that allow the lower jaw to slide up into place when the mouth is closed. The teeth are used as a weapon when hunting for food such as squid and other small fish. To make up to the lack of vision, researchers believe that the fangtooth hunts by chemoreception. This means that the fish bumps into things in the dark waters to find what is edible.

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