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Get to know the Curator!

Greg Gerwin has been the General Manager/Curator of the Key West Aquarium for 14 years.Bill, Key West Aquarium Employee

  1. What brought you to Key West:

I lived in the keys with my parents six months out of the year since I was two months old because of my father’s work. I guess you could say I have always thought of the Keys as home and knew nothing else. We would visit Key West from Marathon on the weekends and of course I would have to visit the aquarium each time. Once I became an adult I knew this is where I needed to be. Shortly after my parents passing in 1993 I worked in cooperate America, far from my studies as a marine biologist and future career. I remained there for a few years when I decided to follow my career and move down to Key West in 2003.

  1. What is your favorite sea animal? Why?

Sea turtles are by far my favorite sea animal. Sea turtles, unlike other marine animals have this great ability to return back to the same beach in which they were hatched to lay eggs. They are world travelers and still seem to manage their way back home. I have a hard enough time finding my way around the mainland without a GPS!

  1. What would be your ideal day out on the water?

Sometimes sitting out on the boat on a calm day by yourself with only your thoughts and the occasional passing of sea turtles and dolphins.

  1. When did you first become interested in Marine Biology?

From birth! I was raised around sea a good majority of my life, making it an easy career choice and one that I’m passionate about.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the KWAQ?

It’s never lost its charm in over 82 years. From opening day up to current, the Key West Aquarium has continued to fascinate all types of people. It charmed me over a half a century ago and I feel that allure each day I come into work.

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