Your Friendly Neighborhood Iguana

Photo of an IguanaAn herbivore, originally from Central, South America and the Caribbean, the iguana is a large species of lizard. Large in size, males usually reach up to nearly 5 feet in length. With sunny skies and sub-tropical temperatures, it’s no wonder that iguanas have found another home in the Florida Keys. It’s believed that the first iguanas to find themselves in the Florida Keys were stowaways on several ships bringing fruit over from South America.

Naturally, some residents of the Florida Keys do not enjoy the company of the iguanas because they tend to feed on the flowers and fruits in people’s gardens. And of course, other residents feel that having the iguanas around really isn’t as bad as others make it seem.

Whether an iguana is a friend or foe is still under consideration. They are known as an invader to the Florida Keys because they are not originally from here, but many residents welcome them and let them call it home.

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