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Genya, Key West Aquarium Employee
Genya Yerkes

Title: Aquarium Curator

About: I was born and raised in Eustis, FL, originally. I moved to Key West in June 2000. I have left and returned to KWAQ multiple times after pursuing other opportunities. Key West always calls me back home. I have worked in the zoological industry since June 2000 in multiple roles including educator, safari educator, aquarist, reptile keeper, and dolphin trainer. Along with the Key West Aquarium, I’ve worked for Discovery Cove, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts, and the Orlando Science Center. My favorite marine animals are cuttlefish. I was lucky enough to aquaculture a common species, S. bandensis, and it has been a highlight of my career.

Kristina Pendleton, Key West Aquarium Employee
Kristina Pendleton

Title: Education Supervisor

About: I am originally from Waterfort, CT and I moved to the Florida Keys in 2010. I have resided in Key West since January 2017.

I earned my degree in Marine Biology from the University of New Hampshire; I’ve been in the marine science field and working as an outdoor educator for 10 years.

My favorite marine animal is the octopus because it’s incredibly smart, beautiful, and complex.

Rae Corley, Key West Aquarium Employee
Rae Corley

Title: Educator

About: I am originally from Colorado and I moved to Key West in December 2015 to attend our local college.

I play musical instruments and love to draw, paint, and crafts. I graduated from Florida Keys Community College in 2017 with my A.S. in Marine Environmental Technology and I’m a certified AAVS diver.

My favorite marine animal is the octopus because facets of their intelligence rivals dolphins and humans! What’s not to love?

Priscilla Gartenmayer

Title: Aquarist
About: I was born and raised in Key West. People born on the island are known as “Conchs”!

If there was one thing I would want everyone to know about me it would be how much I love the ocean.

My favorite animal is the conch because it is our high school mascot at Key West High. Go Conchs!

Amanda Daleo, Key West Aquarium Employee
Amanda Daleo

Title: Senior Aquarist
About: I’m originally from Deltona, FL and I have worked at Sea World, Orlando and the Central Florida Zoo. My favorite animal is the sea lion!

I worked previously with a geriatric sea lion, who was fully blind, at one of my internships. She was very smart and taught me so much about training because we had to use verbal and tactile (touch) training cues. She would test you to see if you would take it easy on her and let her cheat!

Meghan Imm

Title: Educator
About: My hometown is Mount Dora, FL and I officially moved to Key West in late July 2019 after completing my summer internship with Key West Aquarium. I plan to attend our local college, as well, to pursue my degree.

I am an avid fisherman and the largest fish I have caught to date was a 460 lb goliath grouper! My favorite animal is the vaquita, their name means “little cow” in Spanish. They are critically endangered and their plight inspired me to pursue a career in the marine sciences.

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