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Our American Alligators are Innovative

american alligatorDuring their breeding season, which starts every spring, American alligators will come together in great numbers for courtship dances. The females will gather all kinds of natural materials such as leaves, sticks, and even mud to create a shelter. Then, the females will lay her eggs in the shelter and cover the eggs with even more vegetation. As the mud and stick shelter decays, the heat from the decay will keep the eggs warm and allow them to hatch.

Though crocodiles may be more aggressive than American alligators, our gators can handle colder temperatures far better than crocodiles. While crocodiles can drown in water that is colder than 45 degrees, American alligators show no physical signs of discomfort. In fact, in colder temperatures, alligators will push their snouts through the surface of the ice when the water begins to freeze so they can breathe above the ice. We are certainly glad to have such innovative creatures at the Key West Aquarium.