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Our Macaws and Hawk

Fortunately, blue and gold macaws have faired better in captivity as pets. Originally from Central and South America, blue and gold macaws can grow up to nearly 35 inches and can weigh up to 3.3 pounds. In addition to their bright and alluring colors, the macaw also has a very sturdy beak that it often uses to break open nuts and clams for consumption.

Speaking of which, our red-shouldered hawk Nela is pretty skillful with her beak as well. These kinds of hawks watch for potential prey while perched in a discrete location or flying over forests. They use their beaks to catch prey and then they kill it by dropping it from the air. With impeccable eyesight and sharp hearing, its no wonder this species can catch prey equal to their size. The most common prey for red-shouldered hawks are rodents, such as rabbits, reptiles, such as snakes, and even large insects.

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