Sea Turtle Conservation Tour


Join us for our Sea Turtle Conservation Presentation! Guests can learn the stories of all of our sea turtle residents and take home ways that everyone can help our sea turtle populations.

Key West Aquarium is home to four non-releasable sea turtles: Rocky the Green sea turtle, Lola the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle, Spike the Loggerhead sea turtle, and Hector the Hawksbill sea turtle. Due to the nature of their injuries and their history, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that these four sea turtles would have a better quality of life under human care than out in the ocean. All of our animals at the aquarium are under the care of world renown veterinarian, Dr. Doug Mader, including our sea turtles. Two of our sea turtles, Lola and Rocky, are the first and second sea turtles in the world to receive biomimetic, prosthetic flippers. Key West Aquarium is absolutely honored to work with Dr. Kevin Carroll of Hangar Industries to outfit both turtles with life-changing flippers and to be able to share this cutting-edge research with our guests.

Sea Turtle Conservation Tour

*20 minute duration11:30am | 2:30pm

Tour Guides will discuss the Aquarium’s role in the conservation efforts of these species.

Meet Our Prosthetic Flipper Turtles!

Meet Rocky

New York Post Story

Rocky the Sea Turtle video on the New York Post

Meet Lola

News Channel 7 Story

Channel 7 video of Lola

Massachusetts Live Story

Massachusetts Live Lola Prosthetic Fin

More Information

Please contact us for additional information regarding sea turtle conservation for the Key West Aquarium.

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