Sea Turtle Conservation Tour

Welcome to the Sea Turtle Conservation where we take in turtles of any size or age that have been injured and we give them a safe environment where they can live without having any dangers of predation. We have four sea turtles of four different species: Hawksbill, Green Sea Turtle, Loggerhead and Kemp Ridley. Our biggest and youngest turtle is 15-year-old Spike at 275 pounds. Their health is maintained and checked monthly by our resident veterinarian, Dr. Douglas Mader. We are dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles through research, education and protection. We protect our sea turtles by giving them a home in which they can live in without having any dangers of being preyed upon or hit by boats. We educate the public on how to avoid boat accidents with sea turtles and we provide safety tips that could help keep turtles from harm, such as keeping garbage, plastic bags, and soda rings out of the water, or being careful with fishing lines. Come visit us and join one of our tours to learn more about the stories of our sea turtles and ways that you could help and support them.

Sea Turtle Conservation Tour

*20 minute duration 11:30am | 2:30pm | 5:00pm Tour Guides will discuss the Aquarium’s role in the conservation efforts of these species.

Meet Our Prosthetic Flipper Turtles!

Meet Rocky

New York Post Story Rocky the Sea Turtle video on the New York Post     

Meet Lola

News Channel 7 Story Channel 7 video of Lola      Massachusetts Live Story Massachusetts Live Lola Prosthetic Fin

More Information

Please contact us for additional information regarding sea turtle conservation for the Key West Aquarium. Learn everything you need to know about Sea Turtles in Key West.