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guests at Key West Aquarium shores exhibit

Presentation Schedule

The following daily presentations are all included in your general admission ticket.

Florida Keys Ecosystem Presentation

9:30am | 12:30pm | 2:30pm

The Florida Keys marine ecosystem is made up of several different habitats. Journey from the mangroves all the way out to the open ocean by following along the beautiful diorama on our North Gallery Wall during this automated tour.

Atlantic Shores Game Fish and Sharks Tour

10:45am | 1:15pm | 4:15pm

The 50,000-gallon Atlantic Shores exhibit is a slice of our Florida Keys coastline and houses nurse sharks, tarpon, grouper, and jacks. Guests will learn about our mangrove ecosystems and the fish in the exhibit while watching the animals eat.

Rays and Sharks Tour

11:45am | 2:45pm

Rays and sharks belong to the same family! Learn all about these amazing fish as the guide offers them food, starting with our Cownose rays and Bonnethead shark inside, and ending with the Sandbar shark out back. Guests can even feed the wild fish that visit!

Sea Turtle Conservation Tour

10:15am | 12:45pm | 3:15pm

The Key West Aquarium is home to four rescued sea turtles: Rocky, Lola, Spike, and Hector.

During this tour, our guides will tell each turtle’s rescue story and how we care for them, as well as provide information about sea turtles in the wild and what people can do to help save them!

Invasive Species Tour

11:15am | 3:45pm

This tour introduces guests to the serious invasive species problem in Florida through the stories of the red-eared slider turtle, Burmese python, and red lionfish.

Touch Tank Tour


Meet the residents of the Touch Tank and hear some Key West history! This tour introduces the mascot of the Florida Keys, the Queen Conch, as well as sea stars, urchins, horseshoe crabs, and other invertebrates that can be seen in our local waters. The guide will help guests interact with the animals in the touch tank while describing what makes them so special!

Touch Tank Tuck-in Tour


Help us put the touch tank animals to bed! Guests will learn about the different animals in the touch tank and can even help our guides with the nighttime care routine!

Virtual Offshore Environmental Experience

9:45am | 12:15pm | 2:15pm | 4:45pm

Take a virtual submarine dive with Captain Nemo as the aquarium transforms into the Nautilus submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! This automated tour takes guests on a virtual underwater adventure through the marine habitats surrounding Key West.



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