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Shining a Light on the Giant Isopod

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Turtle Tech

Rocky the sea turtle swims again!

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Touch Tank

Due to State COVID regulations, the touch tank presentations are currently not active. The touch tank remains open, but as view only. The Touch Tank is our invitation for guests to get up close and personal with some of the more familiar creatures found in the lower keys ecosystems. Most of these animals can be seen frequently while kayaking or snorkeling our near shore waters and are completely harmless.

Bamboo shark
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Shark Exhibit

Experience a close encounter with our sharks while learning about this unique species.

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Sea Turtles Conservation Tour

Due to State COVID regulations, this tour presentation is currently not active. The exhibit remains open for viewing. Learn the stories of all of our sea turtle residents and take home ways that everyone can help our sea turtle populations.

Moon jelly fish
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Jellyfish exhibit

The moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) are commonly seen in the Florida Keys and live in temperate, coastal waters around the globe. They are comprised of 95% water, possessing no respiratory, excretory, or circulatory systems

kid´s corner

Things to do

Key West is a wonderful destination for families with children of all ages.

Between the great outdoors and the fantastic museums around the island, you’ll never be at a loss for fun, interactive attractions that will keep kids entertained just as much as parents.

Kids touring the aquarium with guide

Touch Tank

Due to State COVID regulations, this tour presentation is currently not active. The exhibit remains open for viewing.

Get up close and personal with Key West’s marine life at the Key West Aquarium. Located in the heart of Mallory Square, there are many hands-on experiences to be had.

You’ll meet moray eels, barracuda, grouper, tropical fish, conch and sea cucumbers with narration by the museum’s expert guides. For families with animal-loving kids, this is a must-do.



Located in Key West’s famous Mallory Square, the Key West Aquarium is one of the island’s most popular attractions for people of all ages.

Home to alligators, jellyfish, sharks and many other marine animals, guests can enjoy interactive conservation talks as well as animal feedings.

For an unforgettable day in Key West, stop by the Key West Aquarium and get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating creatures in the Florida Keys!


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