Fun Facts About Blue Tang Fish

The blue tang is typically found on reefs in high current areas so that they can feed on zooplankton. Blue tangs are easy to spot due to their bright coloration. They are typically a vibrant blue with a yellow tail. They have two black lines. One lines the fish form the eye, along the back, and atop the tail. The other lines the fish from the gills to the back of the tail. Their pectoral fins can have some yellow coloration on them. Their body is oval shaped and flat.


blue tang

Juvenile blue tangs start out bright yellow with blue spots near their eyes. As they mature, their color changes. Adults may develop white spots along their sides as they age.

Baby yellow tang in the ocean near Key West

Blue tangs are solitary individuals, but can be found in groups when feeding. During mating season the blue tangs form small harems consisting of one male and several females.

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