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Why Are Mangroves Important In The Florida Keys

All along the Florida Keys, you will see bushes between the ocean and the shore, and covering all the islands that surround us. These “bushes” are called mangroves. There are three types of mangroves in the Florida Keys: Red, White, and Black. These mangroves are important. Not only to the ocean and sea creatures, but […]

Facts About Invasive Species of Marine Life In Florida

From the lionfish, to the iguana, to the Burmese python, the Key West Aquarium is becoming home to many invasive species in Southern Florida. That is why we will soon be opening up a new tank just to house invasive species. While these invasive creatures are not welcome in most parts of Florida, we want […]

Did you know Mojo’s Species is Invasive in Florida?

Because of their fondness for marshlands, many Burmese pythons have reached the Everglades and reproduced at an alarmingly rapid rate. In 2007, Mojo’s species were officially established in North Florida and in the coastal areas of the Panhandle. By 2009, more than 1,300 Burmese pythons had been captured in the Everglades. However, despite their invasive […]

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