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Key West Wildlife Guide

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Our Macaws and Hawk

Fortunately, blue and gold macaws have faired better in captivity as pets. Originally from Central and South America, blue and gold macaws can grow up to nearly 35 inches and can weigh up to 3.3 pounds. In addition to their bright and alluring colors, the macaw also has a very sturdy beak that it often […]

Facts About Invasive Species of Marine Life In Florida

From the lionfish, to the iguana, to the Burmese python, the Key West Aquarium is becoming home to many invasive species in Southern Florida. That is why we will soon be opening up a new tank just to house invasive species. While these invasive creatures are not welcome in most parts of Florida, we want […]

A Visit From BlueZooTV

We recently had the pleasure of hosting BlueZooTV and thought we would share their visit with you!

Did you know Mojo’s Species is Invasive in Florida?

Because of their fondness for marshlands, many Burmese pythons have reached the Everglades and reproduced at an alarmingly rapid rate. In 2007, Mojo’s species were officially established in North Florida and in the coastal areas of the Panhandle. By 2009, more than 1,300 Burmese pythons had been captured in the Everglades. However, despite their invasive […]

Key West Aquarium Awarded ESP Hero Award

antivirus software reviews The CAST of the Key West Aquarium was presented the coveted HTA. This is the first time that this award is to be given to a group of people. The H.T.A. Entertainment, Service, and People (E.S.P.) Award is presented to an individual (in this case a CAST) who have gone beyond their […]

We've Won An Award

The Key West Aquarium website recently won a 2012 Communicator Award.  Communicator Awards, which began nearly twenty years ago, are given out for big ideas in marketing and communications.  Categories for the awards include print and design, video, websites, web marketing, mobile and apps, audio, and interactive multimedia.  Of course none of this would have […]

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